NRBA provides training services for players of all ages and skill levels. We aim to provide a hands-on, specialized approach to each athletes goals and objectives - whether gaining arm speed or a few mph on their fastball, we will develop a plan unique to each player.

NRBA leverages the latest technologies used by the MLB to guide players in their development. Whether your goal is to make your high school team or perform at your best for a showcase, NRBA will work with you to achieve your goals.


We strive to provide a focused, innovative, and friendly environment for all athletes. Our brand new facility provides athletes the platform to take their performance to the next level.






Get instant and accurate pro-level data with every throw and make every pitch count.


Nate Roe Baseball Academy is the premier baseball training facility in the New Jersey area. Our brand new facility features the latest equipment and technology for player development. NRBA offers three pitching and hitting lanes and can also be converted for running and fielding training as well.

What our parents and students say about NRBA....

“Nate came into our lives when our son was losing confidence and was not growing as a player.  Nate turned it all around with his kindness, patience and enthusiasm for what he does.  You can tell Nate loves the game of baseball and he loves helping players reach their fullest potential. The way he works with our 10 year old son each week to not only strengthen his abilities but also grow his confidence is beyond what I thought we were going to get when we decided to start working with Nate.  They bond over baseball trivia while Nate has him run drills.  Knowing that our son has someone to look up to as a coach and friend has changed the way he plays.   Our son went from just another player on the team to being a leader with the confidence to try new positions when his coach needed him to.  He is excited each week to work with Nate because Nate builds him up as a player and as a person.”

- Kimberly Russo

"For the past few years I was seen as an average pitcher. I didn’t throw that hard and I was skinny. I was sitting 81-82 topping out at 83 as a 16 year old. This became a very frustrating time for me because I was a kid who wanted to compete at the highest level and I had no opportunities ahead of me. I wanted to improve on my game so I called Nate Roe. I worked with him starting in November and went all the way through to April. In that short amount of time he showed me everything there is to know about pitching. He made me stronger, more mobile, and more agile on the mound. In 5 months he increased my velocity by 5 mph. I jumped from 83 up to 88 this summer. Not only did I make this huge improvement, but it resulted in my commitment to Lehigh University. Nate certainly helped me reach my goals, and he continues to make me a better pitcher. I could not thank him enough for everything he has done for me."

- Tammy Lamar, Lehigh University Commit

"We were so lucky to find Nate.  My daughter is a baseball player who wanted to pitch, but we could not find anyone who would really work with her. The other instructors she went to would just have a catch with her and perhaps make a few pointers, but they did nothing to improve her mechanics, and it was clear that they didn't take her seriously.  Nate was the first person who treated her as an actual baseball pitcher.  Her gender made absolutely no difference, and he trains with her just like he trains the boys who also love the sport. He has taught her how to increase her throwing speed, improve her control, and at age 12, she can throw a power fastball and an effective changeup.  She had more strike outs this summer than any of the boys in the league. Nate also takes arm health very seriously and makes sure that she also focuses on strengthening in order to prevent injury. Nate also connects so well with children of every age, and my daughter really enjoys her sessions working with him. I cannot recommend him highly enough!"

- Samara Friedman