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Cage and Facility Rentals

NRBA offers three tunnels available for rent depending on availability. We have two 65’x12’ cages and one 75’x12’. Each cage will include a mound, L screen, a tee and baseballs. 

Hack Attack pitching machine available for an additional charge based on availability.

Cage Rental

Session Time:

30 Minutes

60 minutes

Whether you're working on your pitching or hitting, NRBA has all of the tools to make each session the most productive. We offer fully equipped tunnels for rent to work on your game. Reach out and let us know when you'd like to train.

Full Facility Rental

Session Time:

60 Minutes

120 minutes

Need a place to host a team workout? NRBA provides a full facility for team drills, training, and rotational work. We're happy to work with you to craft a weekly plan to provide a great training program and facility to meet your needs.


(908) 795-2393

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